Saturday, November 21, 2009

SOTB is closing it's doors and a freebie

This is a pretty sad time for me. Scrap Outside the Box will be closing it's door as of December 15th. I hadn't even posted that I finally took the leap and started selling there. LOL. I've only been there for a few weeks. I've been a part of SOTB for 4 years. I started posting my layouts to the gallery right after I started digi scrapping. It felt like home to me. Everyone was so nice and there was so much fun stuff to do. But, with the economy the way it is, there just isn't enough traffic hitting the SOTB store. So, the site owner has decided it's best to just close the doors. In the meantime, all my products at SOTB will be 50% off. Here's the link to my store:

Kimberly Schlehahn Designs

The good news is that I'll be selling at two other stores pretty soon. As soon as I get the stores set up I'll post links to them.

So, since I posted last time Lizzy had H1N1, Andreas was in 2, yes TWO car accidents. Both of them were very minor, but the last one really crunched up the side of his car AND Lizzy was in the car with him. What stinks is that the guy that hit him ran from the scene and the gas station didn't get it on video because the overhang from the building covered the camera. Oh, yeah and the best part? Our insurance won't cover it because it was "hit and run" with no license plate information. Wonderful, right?

What else? We're looking to move, again! Our landlords are pretty much broke so even minor repairs aren't getting done. Not sure when the move is going to happen, I'm hoping it's not before Christmas, but we're not sure.

I have a freebie for you. It's part of Grandma's Quilt.

Once again click the preview for the link, and please leave some love for me, either here or at 4Shared.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving if I don't post before then!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pimp that Cupcake...and a freebie

Scrap Outside the Box is celebrating it's 5th Anniversary! There is a fun challenge by Wilma to "Pimp that Cupcake". She provides a template for the cupcake and you pimp it out!! There is also a Speed Scrap that went on tonight. You can upload your layout until midnight Sunday! Larisa of Garden Girl Designs hosted the crop and she's giving away an AWESOME gift if you participate. You can pick up her Teenie Weenie Halloweenie kit for FREE!!!! How cool is that? Look back in my blog a post or two and you can see a preview of that cute kit!

Click the following links to get to the challenge forum:

Pimp that Cupcake

Speed Scrap (scroll down the thread until you find the instructions)

Here is a sweet (yes, pun intended!! LOL) layout that my almost 9 year old made tonight in honor of Scrap Outside the Box's 5th Birthday/Anniversary! She is so methodical about placement and making sure everything matches. It was pretty fun to watch her make this.

Let's see, what freebie can I give away tonight? Oh how about Grandma's Quilt. It's sort of spring-ish but it's snuggly to me! The colors are from a quilt that my Grandma made and I tried to make the papers look as washed and used as that quilt was! Here is the first part, keep an eye open for the rest of the kit:

Friday, October 9, 2009

SOTB 5th Anniversary Blog Train Freebie

You can see in the slide show all the great kits you'll be getting as you hit all the following blogs. Here is the slide show:

Here is the list:

Scrap Outside the Box

(Digidesigned) byWilma

Missy's Bits

Caroline B.

Kimberly Schlehahn Designs <---- you are here

Danielle Designs

Scrapsational Scraps

Totally D Designs

Ilona Havenaar Designs

Garden Girl Designs

You can pick up my portion by clicking on the preview:


Thank you so much for stopping by and continue on to the next train stop!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Never say...(and a freebie)

...uneventful. I think I jinxed myself. LOL So, last post I said the last few weeks had been uneventful, and they had been! Now, I have pink eye, in BOTH eyes. It's miserable. I haven't had this since I was a kid! It totally stinks! I'm making sure to keep my daughter and hubby away from my hands and face LOL.

I was also invited to join my absolute favorite digi scrapping's anniversary blog train!! It's happening this coming week and the weekend! So, keep an eye on my blog if you want and you can pick up my piece to the blog train and get all the other blog links!

The most amazing thing happened to me today!! I was invited to join the "designer's" side of a store. I get to hang out there until I get up enough nerve to try selling my designs! I'm so excited!!!! It's so hard to come up with the words for how I'm feeling. Let me just get a little of this off my chest. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. I'm scared that I'll put time into this and no one will like my designs. I'm scared that I just don't have enough creativity to pull designing off. But even with all that, I still want to do it; I'll never know until I really try, right?

On to the next subject. One of the designers I CT for is having a CT call. This is a team that is an absolute blast to work on! If you're interested here is the ad:

Speaking of Garden Girl Designs, she has a fun new kit that previewed this past week. It's called Teenie Weenie Halloweenie. It has a ton of fun word art, doodle sketches and cute elements:

Here are a couple of layouts that I made with this fun kit:

I've been sitting here the last 10 minutes trying to figure out what freebie to give out. LOL. I think what I'll do tonight is give you a couple of Quick Pages that match the parts of the kit I gave away the last few weeks. Click the previews to get to the download links:


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Smooth sailing and a freebie

These past few weeks have been wonderfully uneventful. LOL. Don't you just love when things just go well. The only thing that's pretty much sucked is we went from nice "fall-like" weather to hot as hell weather. Does anyone notice that the seasons seem to be shifting? I mean for example, winter starts later and lasts later, then spring starts late and so on, and so on.

My oldest niece, Kacie, and her fiance came down over Labor Day weekend and we all went to the Jelly Belly Factory here in Fairfield. It was our first time. It was fun but because it was on the holiday the factory wasn't actually in use. We still got to tour and see all the jelly beans "curing". It was cool!Elizabeth seems to be doing great in school. I'm not sure if it's the medication she's on for her ADD, maybe the fact that she's seemed to mature quite a bit over the summer, her new teacher, or maybe a combination of all of them but something's working with her.

I only have one layout that I want to share with you and then I'll get to the freebie. I did this layout with Fall Harvest by Garden Girl Designs. It's such a fun kit with great colors and lots of neat embellishments. The kit has an adorable scarecrow that I didn't use in this layout but I have the perfect picture of Elizabeth that was taken a few years ago that I want to use with it! Oh, I can show you a preview of the kit:

Isn't that scarecrow just the sweetest thing?? Click the preview to go buy it! Now, here's my first layout with that kit:

Okay, and now onto the freebie. Here is the final part of Round N Round. It's an add-on with some cluster frames and some paper that I just wanted to throw in there. Hope you enjoy and please leave me a comment if you download!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall is in the air...and a freebie

WOW talk about a huge change in weather. Yesterday we had a high temp of 101. Today got up to a whopping 79! I was just coming back in from taking out the garbage and I realized that over night the shadows seemed to change, or maybe it's just my wishful thinking!

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the way the shadows lengthen and the smell of the crunchy leaves. We don't get the gorgeous color changes that other parts of the U.S. get but it's definitely on its way!I wish someone could've reached out and gave me a cyber smack, saying, "wake up girl and post something on your blog!" LOL I guess I just didn't even think about it, no other excuses! School is going well for Elizabeth, Andreas is enjoying his job, and of course I love my work. I always say my job is a monkey job but where else am I going to find something I enjoy, something that pays EXCELLENT and something that doesn't stress me out? I may have never shared what I do. I work for the local Air Force base as a chiropractic technician. The doctors I work with are great, my co-worker is fun and our patients are the BEST! I don't work overtime, if I have to leave suddenly I just let someone know and the clinic is so laid back!!

Enough about work...on to some layouts. Here are my most recent (only four today):

First two are made with Safari Adventure by Garden Girl Designs (layouts linked)
School Rulz by Colie's Corner
Sweet Slumber by Colie's Corner
Let's see...what else? Oh yeah, the freebie heheheh. I have the next part of Round N Round. I hope you like it!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

1st Week of school and a freebie!

So, the first week of school was pretty uneventful. I briefly explained in my last post that Elizabeth's school got shut down at the end of the last school year due to budget cuts. The district decided that they would bus the kids from the old school to the new school. Right now the whole bus situation is a joke. Last Saturday we got E's bus pass in the mail. It said she was to ride the 7:40 bus. Umm, no way! School starts at 7:50, and she's supposed to be on the 7:40 bus, there is no possible way for that bus to make it to the school on time. We took E to school on the first day, it took us 30 minutes to make it there when it normally takes 5 minutes. The traffic was so backed up, it was incredible! According to the principal, it's gotten better each day. But the bus thing has me all confused. I take her to the bus stop in the morning at 7:10, which is in time for the earliest bus. There is also a 7:25 and then the 7:40, who knows what will finally be decided. I guess this is what comes from combining 2 1/2 schools into one.

I haven't done much scrapping this week. It was hard getting us all back on schedule. Let me show you my last couple of layouts before I get to the freebie!

(Credits: Pink Punkin Mega Kit by Scrapable Designers. Frame (recolored), pink bow, flowers, stitches all from Enchanted Beauty by Totally Twisted Scraps. Scraplift of Joy of a Boy by gailani.)

(Slumber Party kit collaboration by Danielle Fenning and Doodleboogs. Scrap lift of Parade Ariel by Aussiegirl)

(My BFF by Colie's Corner. Photo mask by Colie's Corner )

(Ahoy Matey by Garden Girl Designs, I slightly recolored some of the word art to make them match the photos better.)

Okay, that's all of the layouts for now. Thanks for taking the time to listen to me rant and view my layouts. And now, on to the next part of Round N Round:


The only thing I ask is that you leave me a comment either here or on the 4Shared site. Thank you very much for liking my designs!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Almost time for...(freebie too!)

...back to school!!! I can't believe it. The summer went so incredibly fast. My girl will be starting fourth grade!! Where has the time gone?

We have almost all of E's school shopping done. (Elizabeth has decided she wants to start going by Lizzy, so I'm working on trying to remember that.) We've bought the clothes and the backpack. We got some new pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, ruler and folders. Oh, and heaven forbid I forget to list the pencil box!! LOL I'm going to wait until after school starts to get the rest of what she might need.

Today we went to E's new school to meet her teacher and find her new classroom. It's a really nice school compared to her last two schools! I think this just might turn out to be a good thing. The school she went to last year closed due to budget cuts.

I haven't been doing much scrapping. I'm not sure why. Blocked maybe? I have a few that I've done in the last month. (all the layouts are linked) Let me show you the other 3 layouts for the Digiscrap Addicts Battle of the Creative Teams challenges.

Here is week 2:

Here is the third week:

And the final week:

That final layout actually got me Lei-Out of the Day at Scrapable!! YAY me!! All of those layouts were made with kits by Larisa of Garden Girl Designs. You can find her kits HERE or HERE.

Next, let me show you one of my most favorite recent layouts. I used a kit by Doodleboogs. She sells exclusively at Scrap Outside the Box. I used one of her newest kits, Sunshine Happiness and one of her wonderful templates from Pocket Full of Misc. Anyway here it is:

I just fell in love with the colors in this kit and the textures of the papers...and OHHH the awesome frames!! LOVE them!

Ok, let me throw the other layouts that I did recently in here. Here is one I did for the 4th of July, called Freedom:

And finally here are five others that I've done recently that I really liked:

Okay, enough of my layouts. Here is the color palette for the newest Friday Night Live Crop at Scrap Outside the Box. It would be great if you could join us every Friday night @ 10 pm eastern/7pm pacific for chatting, fun and games. If you aren't familiar with the idea of this crop let explain really quick. We pick a palette. Then each week ANYONE can contribute to the kit. You don't have to make anything, only if you want to. It's an opportunity to dabble in designing your own stuff. Even if you don't want to make anything you can come and just hang out and chat with us. If there are enough of us we play some fun games like Hangman or Bingo. It's really a blast. Anyway, every week you can pick up part of the kit and by the end of the month you have a great coordinating kit. On the last day of the month we exchange Quick Pages made with the pieces of the kit we've collected. But once again, you don't have to make anything to hang out and have fun with us. Here is the link to the chatroom. Here is the link to the August FNL Crop forum.

Now, how about a freebie? I've made a kit called Round N Round for the July FNL Crop. I'll put up one part of the kit for the next couple of weeks. I hope you all enjoy it. If you use it let me know. I'd love to see your layouts! Click the preview to download.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Battle of the CT's (another freebie)

Bring it on!! I'm doing the Battle of the Creative Teams at digiscrapaddicts. I'm on the Awesome Blossoms team for Garden Girl Designs, aka Larisa. Here is my layout for the first challenge:

I'd like to show you the other ladies layouts, also:

We all used She's Got the Blues and/or He's Got the Blues by Garden Girl Designs. Anyway, the first challenge was to use white space in our layouts but each individual team had to have a common color theme. An option was to have a common theme to the layout. We all chose to do black and white photos with spot colorization. Stay tuned for the next challenge layouts.

I've got a template for you all if you want it. Thank you so much for all the nice comments on Chillin'. Click the preview for the link:


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another new CT

So, I was digi shopping at Scrapable the other day and I saw this really cute kit so I bought it. I wound up emailing the designer about something and I told her that I loved her designs and asked her to remember me if she ever needed anyone on her CT. She emailed right back and asked me to send her my gallery link and my Yahoo id. Well, long story short we chatted for about an hour on Yahoo and I accepted her offer to work on her CT. Without further ado, my newest designer is Teri Mayo of Teri's Thing-O-My Jigs. Here is her store at Scrapable and her other store is Pretty Scrappy (I can't link Pretty Scrappy right now, the site is moving servers).

I did a couple of layouts with her kit Hometown, USA:

I'm really looking forward to working with her and her wonderful designs.

Friday, July 3, 2009

July...already! (freebie)

I just have the hardest time believing that it's already July. Where has the rest of the year gone? I haven't posted anything since May because I was sick almost the entire month of June. I wound up getting food poisoning and it totally knocked me on my butt. I'm back to 100% now and I've been able to work on some scrap booking.

Here are a couple of layouts that I made using Denim & Daisies, a collab kit by Garden Girl Designs and Spinky Dinky Scraps. It's perfect for barbeques, picnics and the 4th of July photos!! You can find it here.

You can click on the layout to go to my gallery and leave comments if you like.

Oh, let me show you the latest kit that I made. It's called Chillin'. I made this for the FNL Crop @ SOTB. Stop by every Friday night @ 10 pm eastern/7 pm pacific. We choose a palette and then anyone can create pieces to contribute to the kit. Usually at the final crop of the month we exchange Quick Pages created with the new kit. We try to play fun games at every crop if we have enough people there with us. So, join us HERE for the next FNL Crop on Friday, July 10th.

There are quite a few previews because it wound up being quite large. Click each preview to go to the download.

If you download, please leave a comment. Thank you!!!