Monday, January 5, 2009

Project 365 and Winter Warmth

So, I decided to do Project 365. For those of you that aren't sure what it is, the challenge is to take one (or more) picture(s) a day for all of 2009. This will probably end up being quite the challenge once the newness wears off. LOL. Right now I'm having fun with it. You can catch up on my Project 365 here.

Other than that, not much is new around here. Elizabeth started back at school. She was very excited until she remembered that it meant starting homework again. Dance practice starts this week, also, after almost three week hiatus (lol, hubby likes it when I use that word).

I worked with a new kit by Steph Broccolo called Winter Warmth. Here is the layout I made with it. You can click the pic to leave me a comment at SOTB

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bad Blogger

I am a bad, bad blogger! I haven't written anything since August!!

So, let me get caught up super fast. Elizabeth started 3rd grade. She LOVES it. She's doing much better this year with a different teacher. We filed DH immigration paperwork in October. We have our interview in February. Elizabeth turned 8 in November. She had a pool party and had her first AND second slumber parties, also. We spent Thanksgiving with our friends. It's always nice to spend time with them because neither hubby or myself have any family in the close vicinity. Most of my family is in Florida and dh's family is of course in Germany.

In November I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I say finally because at last I have a name to put to all the pain I'm constantly in. I started seeing a pain management doctor and he's got me on some medication that actually helps with the symptoms. Now, I can finally move without constantly hurting. I love it! I am able to walk upstairs and bathe Elizabeth or tuck her in bed. I can play with her. I actually enjoy getting out and going for walks. Because, I'm actually mobile again I've lost 20 pounds. YAY me!! This is only a start. I bought some yoga DVD's and I'll get started on those as soon as we have our Christmas tree down. There is no room in our living room right now. LOL.

Which brings us to Christmas. We spent Christmas eve with our friends again. It's like being with family. They treat us like family and that's wonderful. Elizabeth gets to have "grandparents" and "aunts and uncles" that spoil her. We had a wonderful Christmas eve dinner. Christmas day we spent at home just the three of us. It was a blast! There was a kind of tradition when my sister and brother and I were growing up. We didn't get to run out to the Christmas tree and rip open our gifts right away. We had to wait, anxiously, while my dad got the coffee made and poured a cup for himself and my mom, wait while he let the dogs outside to go potty. We had to wait while we felt like time was just going by in slow motion. I remember how fun it was thinking Santa had been and we couldn't see what was under the tree. Then they would have us come out all
together and we'd be so surprised!

Anyway, the last couple of years we've been making Elizabeth wait until we had our coffee made but the difference is that she can sit on the stairs and see the tree and the gifts and the empty cookie plate. It just makes the anticipation so much greater. I did a layout of her sitting on the stairs Christmas morning:

I used a kit called Pink Xmas by Danielle Corbitt. You can click on the picture to go leave me some lovies!! So, Christmas day was wonderful.

Work has been slow. It's always slow during the holidays. I'm sure it'll start picking up as soon as everyone is off of leave. We had a good New Year's Eve and day. Elizabeth had her best friend over for a sleepover on New Year's Eve and the next night. We spent New Year's Eve at our friends' house. We played Domino's until 3 am. What a blast!

Now, I'm pretty much caught up, lol, my next posts won't need to be as long! I am going to get to work on some layouts with a kit by Steph Broccolo at SOTB. I'll post them when I get finished.