Friday, February 27, 2009

Hope for McKenna

A Mother’s Love was created by the thoughtful and generous designers of Scrap Outside the Box to help the family of McKenna Elise Conrad. McKenna was born January 12, 2008 with a cleft lip and cleft palate, which occurs in one in every 500 births. Now one-year-old, McKenna has already undergone numerous procedures to repair her cleft lip, resulting in $5,000 in medical bills. She is scheduled to undergo palate surgery on March 6 and that amount will more than double. Sadly this is all after health insurance has been paid. Her family is in dire need of financial assistance and you can help. McKenna is very near and dear to our hearts, because she is the niece of Scrap Outside the Box owner, Dani Fenning. It seems only natural that we reach out to her family in the best way that we can, by creating and sharing a fabulous charity kit and donating the proceeds to this needy family. A Mother’s Love is the perfect title for this warm, colorful collaboration full of flowers, butterflies and rainbows. What better way to show that you care while getting a beautiful kit in return. All proceeds from the sales of A Mother’s Love will go directly towards the family's medical expenses. Your help and support are greatly appreciated. To read more please go here:

(click on the previews to go buy the kit!)

(Free with purchase for a limited time only!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another emergency room visit

I think we just need to rent a room in the ER because it's like that place is our second home. Elizabeth has been sick since last Sunday night. She started being really nauseous and then came the vomiting and diarrhea. Joy, right? She was home from school all week because just when we thought she was over it and let her have a little solid food, like noodle soup, she get severe stomach pains again. Thursday night I just couldn't handle seeing her curled up in a fetal ball on the floor in tears because it hurt so bad, so I called the advice nurse, who after 15 minutes of questions advised us to get Elizabeth to the emergency room within the next hour. I wasn't panicky worried, because I just don't get that way. But I was a little worried when she started singing "Why does it have to be my stomach? Why do I have to be sick?" Poor baby. So, we got to the ER at 10pm and a measly two hours later we were in a room with our very own TV which totally pleased Elizabeth. LOL. The doctor did his exam, decided that it was probably constipation but he'd like to still have some blood work, x-rays, and a urine sample. WHAT? I have to let her pee on my hand? She's 8 now, can't she pee on her own hand? LOL Nahhhh it really doesn't bother me. Unfortunately she couldn't go potty. She hadn't drank anything because she was scared of a tummy ache; she last pee'd at 4 in the was now 8 hours later. Hmmm, definitely dehydrated. The nurse came in to put in an IV, I told her she might need someone to hold her arm still while I soothed her by rubbing her legs. That really calms her down.

She actually did really well. No screaming or crying, just a little whimpering. They managed to get the IV in on the first try and pulled the blood for the labs through the IV, started the drip and gave us the urine cup and said to call when she had a sample. Okay, so almost one full IV bag and chest and tummy x-rays later, she finally had to go. YAY.

So, the outcome wound up being that all the trouble started with a tummy virus last weekend, which in turn caused her to become dehydrated. The dehydration caused her to become constipated and also caused a minor UTI (urinary tract infection). So, we're really pushing the fluids, even though her tummy still hurts. I told her if she doesn't drink she'll wind up having to have another IV and she doesn't want that.

We wound up getting home at 515 am, I grabbed a short nap and got to work late. I'm feeling okay even though I'm not sleeping well. I'm not sure what that's all about. Oh well. I'll write more this weekend (which is long, YAY). I'll do some scrapping and post some layouts and get you all up to date on the sales and happenings with my designers! Thank you for listening to me ramble!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today was a day filled with all good things! We had our immigration interview for hubby's residency. I was so totally nervous when we went in there. I was expecting to be drilled with questions, but she (the interviewer) mostly just went over the application, asked hubby a few crazy easy questions (like his parent's first names), asked where we met, then said "okay I'm going to approve this right now" and she handed him a piece of paper that he'll keep with him until he receives his "green" card in the mail. It's been a long 4 years coming to this. So, finally this part is over. Now, we wait for the card then he has to get his California driver's license and files for a Social Security card, and then, FINALLY he'll be able to go look for work. He's pretty excited about finally being able to work. He's been so bored just sitting here at home, working on his four computers all day long. Okay enough rambling about this.

The next great thing that happened was that I was chosen to be on a CT for a great designer. I popped in to the Speed Crop at SOTB and I was so surprised when Larisa said, "Everyone meet the newest member of my CT, Kimberly". I had no clue she'd chosen me. She designs under the name Garden Girl Designs and you can find her stores at SOTB, Been There Scrapped That, and Scrappin' Out Loud. Here is her blog. So, below is the latest layout I made with Larisa's kit, Sassy Lassy, for the Speed Crop. Click it to go leave some love, or of course you can leave a comment on my blog. =)

Oh My Gosh I was picked as a Gallery Standout of the Day at Gotta Pixel. The layout that was chosen was actually done for one of the challenges there. It's called Unique:

I was pretty proud of that layout. First of all, because of the photo, and second because I'm just in love with circles right now. I'm not exactly sure why but they just seem to make me happy. LOL!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1

Hope everyone's having a great beginning to 2009! January is a busy month in my house! The 10th is hubby's birthday, followed by our anniversary on the 22nd, nephew's birthday on the 24th, and my birthday on the 27th.

We all had that nasty tummy virus this month, too. It hit us all a different way, I was lucky enough to get it twice, Yay me! We're all better now!

But I did manage to get all my challenges done at SOTB in January! I'll show you some of my favorites, but first let me tell you, there are some changes going on at SOTB. Several new designers will be joining the site and there will be changes to the challenges, also. There will also be more chats and crops happening. You just need to check out the calendar of events. Oh and the mega kit from SOTB is just gorgeous this month. It's called Winter in Japan:

Okay, and now for some of my favorite layouts that I did in January. The first was for the Twice as Fast Challenge which will be discontinued this month (unfortunately). I used She's Got the Blues by Garden Girl Designs and In Need of TLC Alpha by Danielle Corbitt.

This next one I just loved because it epitomizes Elizabeth and her personality. It's bright and full of energy, just like she is. I used the background and ribbon star by Danielle Corbitt from Cheerful Siblings mega kit by SOTB designers and Used n Abused Cardstock, Smearin' Glitter and In Need of TLC Alpha by Danielle Corbitt.

Next, is one I did of my nephew, Nate, when he was just about 7 months old. I just loved the drool coming down his chin. I used Tough Little Guy by JenJen Designs, FranB and Linfes. This was the FNL Crop kit.

And this will be the last one for this post. This is another of Elizabeth, my favorite subject. LOL I used A Secret Garden by Graziela Mendes, the Glitter E (which I recolored) and Date Bits are by Misty Cato.

Thank you for taking the time to look. If you would be kind enough to either click on the layouts to go to SOTB to leave a comment or leave one here, I'd greatly appreciate it!!