Friday, October 15, 2010

WOW where has time gone...freebie in the store

Well, I guess when Divine Digital crashed I totally stopped posting here. It's really been since April that I last posted anything.

There hasn't been much change in my life. LOL I guess that's 'cause I lead a boring life? So, here's a quick review of the last several months.

Lizzy's dance recital came and went in July. It was awesome! She's loving dance, that's for sure! Their ballet was to the song, "Music Box Dancer". (Lizzy is on the left)

Their tap dance (which was just awesome!!) was to "Funky Town". The girls LOVED that dance!! (Lizzy is in the middle)

In August we went on a mini vacation. We drove north and ended up almost in Oregon. We drove through the Great Redwoods.

It was just gorgeous up there! We stopped at a creek and played in the water for a little while. Lizzy had fun chasing frogs and throwing rocks to splash us!

School started (finally) in mid-August. I can't believe she's in fifth grade. This year the school she goes to is trying rotation of classes. So, she has four classes she's in plus her "homeroom" class. I think it's working out better for her with her ADD. We've also been taking her to a psychiatrist in
order to get another "official" diagnosis. Apparently, getting a diagnosis from her pediatrician isn't official. Then, a couple of weeks ago we got a letter from the school telling us that they want to test Lizzy for the GATE program (Gifted And Talented Education). They want to do that because her STAR test scores were very high. I'm not sure what STAR stands (something like Standardized Test...something). So, the testing will happen sometime this month.

Divine Digital is back online...finally!! WOOOTTT I've been reloading my boutique. Right now everything is $2 or less. I'll be raising the price of the kits once I have everything reloaded. I first have to get all my files of my desktop computer (which is dead right now!), and then I can finish loading the older kits!

The freebie that I have for you actually matches my kit "Chillin'", which you can get for $2 right now. Here is a preview of the bonus pack:

You have to go to the store to get the freebie! Don't forget to check out the rest of my kits. I just loaded my newest kit "Peace" to the boutique tonight. It's the first part of a three part series that I'm calling "Peace, Hope and Love". So, keep your eye out for the next two kits! Here is a preview of Peace:

More to come........................................